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Dulwich Hill Soccer Club was established in 1968 by members of Sydney’s Portuguese community from the island of Madeira, many of whom lived in Dulwich Hill or the surrounding suburbs.

The club logo is based on the flag of Madeira which features the Portuguese Cross of Christ. The cross has its origin in the Knights of Templar and later became the symbol of the Order of Christ (descendant of the Knights of Templar). It is one of the most important Portuguese symbols.

A Few Facts and Figures about Madeira

Official Name Madeira Islands, an autonomous region of Portugal 
Administrative Capital Funchal
Language Portuguese (official) 
Official Currency the Euro 
Religions Catholic, others 
Population 245,000 (Funchal 100,000) 
Land Area 789  square km  
Landforms The islands are volcanic in origin and very mountainous. The rugged coast of Madeira is a series of steep gorges, all running down to the sea. Deep, green valleys accent the interior.

madeira map


Arlington Oval, once several deep disused brick pits, was filled in and converted to recreational use in 1932. During the 1938 British Empire Games, women athletes competed at Arlington Oval. The grandstand was also used in scenes in the Australian movie, The First Kangaroos (1988), about the Australian Rugby League’s first international tour of England. In 2014 after a 10 year campaign with Marrickville Council the oval was upgraded with a synthetic surface and is now a premium ground in the FNSW competition.


The club has a close affiliation with Fraser Park FC which was also founded by Portuguese immigrants in 1961. Due to their close geographical proximity and cultural ties, the matches between the two clubs have developed a special “Derby Day” significance.


The Club has had a mixture of success in the NSW Super League in past years. After the 2006 season the club was relegated from the Super League to NSW State League Division One. However, after some strong results, they were promoted back into the Super League in 2010 after finishing 1st in the 2009 Division One season. The club consolidated its position in the Super League in 2010 with good results for all teams. Under the FNSW re-structure the club was relegated to Mens State League 1 in 2012 with U16, U18, U20 and First Grade teams competing in this division at present.


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